2016 INF Seminar

The New Zealand Kendo Federation Naginata Group is proud to be hosting the 2016 International Naginata Federation Seminar in Dunedin from the 19th-21st August.

The registration form and information sheet have been sent to member federations. If you have not received a copy please contact seminar@naginata.org.nz as soon as possible.

The deadline for both registration and payment is the 30th June 2016.

August is winter-time in Dunedin and the only constant about the weather this time of year is it variability. It could be anything from a crisp clear day to driving rain or even a little snow on the ground and sometimes all three in one day. Please be prepared!

If you have a day to spare and want to have a look around please visit https://www.dunedinnz.com to learn more about what there is to see and do in Dunedin!